Sea of Thieves’ Festival of Giving and Gilded Voyages return on December 9

A month full of rewards for Sea of Thieves players

Fans of the year-end Sea of Thieves events, the Gilded Voyages the Festival of Giving, will be excited to learn that these are returning before 2021 arrives. There will be a small update to transition these events into the game, and players can start participating in them on December 9.

The news dropped alongside the announcement that Sea of Thieves would be introducing seasonal content starting in January 2021. We don’t have an exact release date for the first season of Sea of Thieves, but we have a general timeframe.

Before that, the Festival of Giving will be a monthly event where live events will be the primary focus. There’s going to be the 12 Deeds of Giving, Twitch drops, login bonuses, several more things that you’ll want to make sure all of your crewmates earn alongside you. For many, the big draw will be being able to participate in Gilded Voyages.

These voyages are limited edition events. They contain a variety of chests full of rewards if you complete them.

2021 looks like a promising new voyage for Sea of Thieves players, but make sure you don’t miss out at the end of 2020—the Festival of Giving and Gilded Voyages returns on December 9.