Sea of Thieves Open Beta (Final) Now Live, Is Xbox One X Enhanced


Rumors were around about a final open beta for Sea of Thieves, and Rare just confirmed it has already kicked it off now. The open beta will be playable on Windows 10 and Xbox One until this Sunday at 10 am GMT.

Executive producer John Neate provided more info and some sort of final speech in the occasion, penning an open letter to the community on the official Sea of Thieves blog where he detailed the new stuff included in the build. There’s a new faction and news about Xbox One X enhancement.

Sea of Thieves Open Beta Live With Xbox One X Enhancement

“It seems like just yesterday that we launched the Insider Programme for Sea of Thieves. We felt that getting our game into players’ hands early, learning from their feedback and building a community around this game was critical for a new, shared world experience like Sea of Thieves. We started with our first 1000 players in December 2016, and we have been steadily expanding the player base and feature set over the last year”, he said.

“Since we began we’ve seen our community grow as players go adventuring in our magical world, we’ve seen battles held, friends made, instruments played and quite a bit of overindulgence on our surprisingly strong grog. Most excitingly, we’ve seen many, many amazing stories from our players, and recently we allowed them to share these with the world during our Closed Beta. It was incredible to be able to watch players live in Sea of Thieves for the first time, to see their adventures unfold first-hand and to hear the stories they had to share.”

For the first time ever, the Final Beta will provide a look at the Merchant Alliance which is said to be offering “an entirely new way to play”, and also give Xbox One X a glimpse of the enhancement they’ll be getting in the complete game.

Sea of Thieves launches on March 20.