Rare Developer Let Slip Fire is Coming to Sea of Thieves

During this week’s Sea of Thieves weekly stream led by the Rare development team, the team’s lead engineer, James Thomas, let slip the game is going to introduce fire sometime in the future. Thomas had a similar mistake happen to him back in January when he shared to viewers that parrots were going to come out.

The comment about the parrots got him a six-month ban from appearing on the weekly streams. This week had been Thomas’ official return to the program.

Appropriately, Thomas’ slip up happened during this stream. It would seem that despite Thomas taking some time to think about his actions, he’s far too excited for what players are going to experience in the future. The comment happened an hour and some change into the weekly stream, which we’ve posted below.

“I think the biggest thing we’ve announced that we have coming soon is fire, so hopefully there’ll be something for you,-” Thomas had said. Mid-way into the sentence, but far too late, Rare’s senior designer, Andrew Preston, had jumped in to comment about it. The stream dissolves for a second as all of the developers realize what Thomas had done.

Luckily, the team seemed to take it pretty well. There were a few laughs about the incident, and the stream continued. While it may not be an official reveal about the mechanic, it will do for Sea of Thieves players. They now have an idea of what to expect is coming to the future in the pirating simulator title.

Unfortunately, we only it’s going to come to the game. Thomas and the rest of the team did not detail how it’s going to work, how it changes gameplay, or how players are going to interact with it.

We can all hope Thomas doesn’t get thrown into the brig for good this time for his antics. And hopefully, Rare shares some more in-depth details about what to expect for fire when they do decide it’s time to let the rest of their community know about this horribly kept secret.