Sea of Thieves E3 2015 vs Retail Build Video Reveals Massive Graphics Downgrade


E3 trailers are usually meant to be simple exhibitions, showcases of what a game can do or is supposed to be offering to its future players. However, many times they set the quality bar way too high, and this is apparently Sea of Thieves‘ case.

Don’t misunderstand – the game looks brilliant. I’m playing it on Xbox One X and I spend a lot of my playtime in the effort of taking pictures (of the horizon and the sea, in particular) for sharing later with my friends and readers. It’s absolutely beautiful and unique in terms of visuals.

Sea of Thieves E3 2015 vs Retail Comparison Shows Graphics Downgrade

Anyway, based on a comparison by Cycu1, Rare’s latest effort has been hugely downgraded in comparison with E3 2015 gameplay trailer. Honestly, it looks clear that there are several post-production effects in place; it’s enough for you to see how the camera moves to comprehend that.

The scene depicted in the comparison sees the pirate explore a mysterious island before reaching the shore, where he’d eventually see a huge ship. However, the actual release side had to be slowed down in order to maintain a correspondence between the different sides.

Details like lighting, the quality of the ship itself, the amount of particulars on the grass and the skeletons, the fires around – everything cries for a very noticeable downgrade.

Considering it is an always online game, it would have been quite shocking to see it running the way it does in the E3 2015 gameplay trailer. So, take it as it is: an expected downgrade over a trailer that was meant to tell us what the game was supposed to be like.

Sea of Thieves is now available for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.