Here’s How To Get the Gears of War Omen Ship In Sea of Thieves


Rare’s Sea of Thieves continues to sail on the Xbox One and PC front, with millions of players enjoying the many pirating adventures it brings. But now, they can do so with a Gears of War-themed pirate ship that’s sure to intimidate even the mightiest of land-lubbers.

A new trailer for the game debuted today, revealing the new Gears of War inspired ship, officially called the Omen. That’s a particularly good name for it, considering its intimidating appearance. How can players get their hands on one of these bad boys? Actually, it’s fairly easy.

All players need to do is log in to Sea of Thieves over the next few days. This login period has already begun, and it runs through Nov. 22 at 12am PDT. Anyone that gets in the game during this time will automatically get the ship free of charge.

After you log in, you’ll have the opportunity to redeem the pack in the game, and then the ship is all yours.