Sea of Thieves lets players see all of their stats from 2020 in yearly round-up

Look back at your greatest feats on the Sea.

2020 is quickly coming to an end, and many platforms are offering reviews of all of your activity throughout the year, and Sea of Thieves is joining in on the action. The Sea of Thieves team created a platform that lets players see all of the different activities and challenges they have completed among the massive content updates introduced to the sea in 2020.

From Ashen Masters to Ancient Vault, “Your Story So Far 2020” reviews how you performed in all of the new additions to the game. The most important stat, however, is how many players Flameheart yelled at from the sky. You can find all of your stats here. Before you can access it, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account linked to your Sea of Thieves character.

Some players have been experiencing issues attempting to find their stats due to the massive volume of players on the server. Rare has stated they are working to make sure everyone will be able to see their accomplishments soon.