New launch features and updated timeline detailed for Sea of Thieves


Rare has revealed more details about Sea of Thieves in-game and post-game content in a special livestream last night on Mixer.

The goal for pirates sailing in the seas of Sea of Thieves is to attain legendary status. Doing so will give you access to a secret hideout where new mystery quests will be unlocked for only the bravest (or stupidest) or pirates out there.

New monsters, items, cosmetics, and locations were also shown off during the livestream. Although Rare didn’t go into details, the game looks to have a lot of content on offer when it launches on March 20.

Rare has promised to constantly update the game on a regular schedule and new campaigns and time-based goals. Rare is also hoping to expand the world’s lore with additional campaign sometime after launch.

Rare will also be making changes to the game based on feedback from the various betas that have gone on the past few months. Combat lock-on has been scrapped as one example, making it harder to land a swing with a sword when up close.

When an enemy ship has been destroyed, they will no longer spawn next to the scene of the battle. Now crews will spawn on a brand new island, meaning enemy crews will be able to get away easier than before and recently revived crews won’t have to worry about pirates camping for them nearby.

H/T Eurogamer