Sea of Thieves will be getting cosmetic microtransactions 3 months after release


Rare will be adding a microtransaction element into Sea of Thieves in the future.

The developer wants fans of the game to experience what it has to offer before adding the option to buy microtransaction items. Those items will be available when the game’s first major update launches, three months after launch.

There will be no loot boxes in their game, however. Rare plans to add a special store into the game instead so a player has the option to buy whatever they want, rather than having to pay for multiple loot boxes until they get the item they are looking for.

In the first update, players can buy pets that can fit on their shoulder or live on their ship. Rare is then looking at the possibility of adding items like potions that change your appearance into the shop in future updates.

The pricing of these items and what the items will be are currently unknown at this time.

Players will also be able to pay for items through earning in-game currency, rather than real money. More details on that are expected closer to the release of the cosmetic update.