Sea of Thieves Dev Discusses Option To Opt Out of Cross-Play


Sea of Thieves is hot right now on Twitch and also in terms of players currently involved in the game, so Rare is doing all it can in order to keep the momentum.

One of the things the dev team is working on is the possibility to opt out of cross-play when playing on Xbox One.

The move is set to be a sort of preparation for the time when PvP oriented expansion The Arena is releasing early this year.

Anyway, it hasn’t been welcomed very good as the community thinks that optional cross-play will mean PC userbase will get much smaller.

Studio head Craig Duncan has addressed the concern with a series of tweets, where he precised Rare’s intention with this move.

“We aren’t removing crossplay; we are adding an option for console players using controller to opt out of crossplay if they choose,” Duncan said.

“We expect most players, especially in Adventure, to still play using crossplay, but this is important option to add with The Arena coming.”

The cross-play option won’t be included in the February update, but is still expected to launch “prior to The Arena.”

For what matters community concerns about the PC userbase, he added that “servers will still have the same density they do today as we spin up Azure servers as players join & backfill new crews into live servers.”

“Our player population is super healthy on both PC and Xbox & has been since launch,” he claimed, adding that Rare will work on sharing more and more frequently about that.

According to Phil Spencer, the British developer is starting to work on a brand new game, but apparently that won’t diminish its efforts on Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Dev Discusses Option To Opt Out of Cross-Play