Sea of Thieves’ First Pirate Legend Defends From The “Boosting” Accusation

Sea of Thieves’ first Pirate Legend has been in the middle of a huge controversy because of the way he managed to get such a huge achievement for a game that’s been out for only a couple weeks now.

Prod1gyX is not being recognized as a proper pirate legend – a rank you’re given if you managed to reach level 50 with all three factions in the title – mainly because he obtained this achievement thanks to the help of his Twitch community, that brought a lot of chests, skulls, and animals to sell to the in-game merchants. Something which’s been dubbed “boosting.”

Sea of Thieves Pirate Legend Defends Boosting Accusation

In a stream, as reported by Polygon, Prod1gyX issued a defense of his position, claiming that he was serving his community at that specific moment and that the biggest part of the help came only in the last few hours of the live stream where he was working on the Pirate Legend rank.

“People honestly thought that from [reputation level] one to 50, I just got free loot,” he said. “I was AFK, and they were judging just off that. That’s where people took that and made it bigger, way bigger than expected.”

“I can tell a lot of people didn’t watch from the beginning, which is understandable. But you can’t say that I wasn’t playing it right from the very beginning of the game.”

Interestingly, the first ‘approved by the community’ of the game Pirate Legend is said to be Sniper, who’s achieved all of the ranks without any external help nor contribution from other players.