Get Your Sea Legs in Sea of Thieves’ New Tutorial Mode and Holiday Event


Aspiring pirates wanting to learn the ways of piracy are in luck: Sea of Thieves has now been given a new tutorial mode for beginners and veterans alike. Entitled “Maiden Voyage,” the new mode can be accessed by any player from the main menu, taking them to an offline world where they can become familiar with the game’s mechanics.

Putting players on a new island on the border of The Devil’s Shroud, players will follow the guidance of the Pirate Lord to learn the basic controls and explore Old Sailor Isle. When they are ready, they can set sail to breach the Shroud and set out on their first voyage. The Gold Hoarders Trading Company will now offer new players an onboarding Voyage to teach them how they work, from voting on which Voyages to pursue and gathering treasure to sell.

There also incentives for the seasoned players, as Old Sailor Isle is full of new secrets, waiting to be discovered and rewarding the player with new commendations, such as the Pirate Lord’s Jacket and Magpie’s Fortune Sails.

While Sea of Thieves has always been a light-hearted experience, the game was intimidating for new players. There was no tutorial and light handholding. The game had a somewhat shaky launch but has continued to receive frequent free updates and content, along with a growing player base. The new tutorial should help those starting.

There’s also a new holiday event entitled “Festival of Giving,” bringing with it new Gift Seeker Voyages. Skeletons have begun to seek out scattered gifts across the map to bring back to their Skeleton Forts. Stitcher Jim wants you to investigate these forts, collect the gifts, and deliver him to his “love” at the Reaper’s Hideout. In the spirit of the season, you can also leave any gifts you want under the decorated mast at the hideout for special commendations. For any crews with the status of “Pirate Legend,” a new Gift Seeker of Legend Voyage is available, bringing higher rewards with a higher risk.

There is also a restocking of the Pirate Emporium and a refreshing of the Black Market’s stock, along with the usual game balancing fixes that come with these updates. The official patch notes describe what these fixes are, as well as more information about the new content.

For any new players looking to see what the pirate life is truly like, now is a great time to dive in. With the game consistently receiving new content and fixes, Rare looks to be aimed at supporting the game for a while.

Sea of Thieves is now available on PC and Xbox One and comes as part of the Xbox Game Pass.