Sea of Thieves Updates Will Remain Free, Says Rare


Sea of Thieves is getting updated with more and more free updates, and Rare is making them increasingly bigger and relevant in the economics of the game.

Anyway, the updates were born with the idea of being free and they will stay free forever, no matter how big they get. That’s the promise of design director Mike Chapman, who talked about the matter in an interview with GamesIndustry International.


“We actually have more people working on the game now than we did before launch. We will never charge for those content releases, because that would segregate our players,” said Chapman.

“We took decisions around never having power progression in the game… because otherwise you’d reach the stage where certain people couldn’t play together. The fascinating thing was the game became so friendly within those two weeks.”

The Hungering Deep and Cursed Sails are already available, and the first ‘season’ of additional content is coming to an end in September with Forsaken Shores, which is set to introduce a brand new area.

What’s interesting is that Rare is currently split into four teams, each working on an expansion and passing to the following after their original expansion gets released. The fourth team’s expansion has yet to be revealed and will be coming later this year.

Source: USGamer