Sea of Thieves will soon let players bury their treasure

Store it away for the winter.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

The latest teaser for Sea of Thieves Season 5 has dropped, and it looks like pirates will finally have the ability to bury their treasure. This is one of a few teasers that developer Rare has dropped in the last few days, presumably leading up to the Season 5 announcement trailer.

The video comes by way of Sea of Thieves’ official Twitter account. It starts with a camera panning past a pirate waving on a Galleon ship. As we get closer to the shoreline, we start to see a pirate covering up what looks to be a Captain’s Chest until it’s entirely buried in the sand. The video caption reads, “Maybe we can teach old sea dogs new tricks…”

The teaser doesn’t provide much info beyond the new mechanic, but the implications for being able to bury treasure are vast. Players will now be able to hide their haul and come back for it later if they need to make a quick escape. Those on the truly dastardly side could also hide other pirates’ treasure from them.

But if a player buries their treasure, will they now have a map in their inventory they can use to find it later? Is there a way for hostile players to acquire a pirate’s treasure map and dig up their loot? While these questions remain unanswered, details for Season 5 continue to emerge.