Sean Bean to Become First Elusive Target in HITMAN 2

HITMAN 2 is scheduled to be released on November 13, and aside from what should be a fun-filled singleplayer game and new 1-v-1 multiplayer Ghost mode, Warner Bros. is planning on adding content on a regular basis. Following the success of HITMAN, regularly scheduled elusive targets will be added to the game, giving players an extra, time-limited, challenge. The first of these will be Mark Faba; a former MI5 agent turned freelance assassin. What stands out in this first elusive target mission, entitled The Undying, is that Mark Faba will be played by Sean Bean, star of many TV series and movies, and notorious for dying or being killed early in stories.

Sean Bean to Become First Elusive Target in HITMAN 2
Sean Bean as Mark Faba • Warner Bros. • Licensed by Owner

The first elusive target mission will be available just one week after the release of HITMAN 2 on November 20.

Additionally, the latest installment in the How to Hitman video series, entitled The Briefcase, was released today. Due to popular demand, the fan-favorite briefcase will make a triumphant return in HITMAN 2, allowing Agent 47 to conceal a wide range of items beyond a sniper rifle. The new and improved briefcase can now be utilized to render opposition unconscious through blunt force, distract potential eyewitnesses and through clever manipulation, it can be used to have oblivious adversaries import highly volatile or sensitive items into otherwise guarded areas.

HITMAN 2 will release on November 13 and the first elusive target mission, The Undying, featuring Sean Bean, will be available on November 20.