5 Reasons You Should Totally Get a Sega Genesis Mini


The Sega Genesis Mini has finally come out, months after Sega made the exciting announcement about its debut. It’s got a line-up of killer games to its credit, and they’re well emulated this time around, compared to what was done with the classic Sega Flashback systems by AtGames. (shudder)

But why should players get behind this piece of retro-fueled hardware? There are several reasons. So let’s break them down right now!

5 Reasons You Should Totally Get a Sega Genesis Mini

It Has Exclusive Games That Can’t Be Played Anywhere Else

Some people might be asking, “So why should I buy a Sega Genesis Mini? Can’t I enjoy the games on Sega Genesis Classics on my console of choice?” It’s true, that’s a handy collection that’s loaded with its great compilation of titles. But the Sega Genesis Mini comes with several games that aren’t available anywhere else. These include the two Mickey Mouse games, Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion. There’s also Road Rash II, a legendary racer that we never thought we’d see again from Electronic Arts. And then there are the two “bonus” games, Darius and Sega’s take on the Tetris franchise. That’s a lot to get excited about, along with the other 37 games.

The Emulation Is Just Like the Classic Console

Anyone that picked up a Sega Genesis Flashback in the past can tell you what kind of nightmares it produced, from its shovelware games to its heinous sound quality. But the Sega Genesis Mini more than makes up for that, as M2 handled the emulation perfectly on each game. The soundtrack in Streets of Rage 2 is just like gamers remember; the visuals look great with HDMI support, and there are options to tweak; however, gamers see fit. In other words, it’s just like playing on a Sega Genesis.

Its Size Is Ideal, Even For Crowded Game Rooms

Gamers probably remember that the NES Classic and SNES Classic were small but sufficient machines when it came to delivering retro memories. Well, we’re happy to report that the Sega Genesis Mini follows suit. It’s a conveniently sized system that can fit anywhere, even in over-crowded gaming centers. It’s barely just about the size of the included controllers, which makes it a cinch to fit. It can also be a good on-the-go system since it doesn’t take up much room in a bag.

It Comes With Two Controllers and Works With Retro-Bit’s 6-Button Ones

For $80, fans get a system loaded with games. However, the Sega Genesis Mini also conveniently includes two controllers, each with long cables – something the original NES Classic didn’t have. This makes it easy to get into two-player games like Gunstar Heroes and Toejam and Earl. Fighting games are fun too, though keep in mind these are just three-button units. Fortunately, Retro-Bit offers some splendid USB-powered Genesis controllers for $20 a pop, and they make all the difference in mobility. (Bonus: they work with Sega Genesis Classics on the Nintendo Switch, too!)

It’s essentially $2 a Game

Along with the exclusive titles that are on the Sega Genesis Mini, there are a handful of classics that are on hand, going for the meager price of about $2 a title. (Or less!) This includes favorites like Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, Strider, and so many others to choose from. It’s a tremendous value that rivals what Nintendo put together with their systems. And that means hours of retro fun, no matter what kind of games players are into. Genesis…does!