Sega might be releasing a new Sonic Collection for the franchise’s 30th anniversary

French retailers sure do love to leak Sonic games.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Image via SEGA

Sega has never been shy about releasing collections for its most iconic franchise. The Sonic series has seen a boatload of collection packs that have released on many systems. It sounds like we might be getting another one sometime soon.

According to a French retail site, Sega will be releasing a new Sonic collection to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The posting lists “Sonic Collection EU Version” for PlayStation 4. Sogamely is the same retailer that listed a Sonic Colors remaster last month.

Another Sonic collection wouldn’t be the most surprising announcement in the world. Sega loves to celebrate its history when anniversaries come around, and a 30th anniversary is quite a big deal. On top of that, this aligns with what a supposed insider Zippo stated earlier this year. Zippo claimed that the collection would contain Retro Engine remakes of the first two games in the franchise along with other titles. Such a collection would support full widescreen and run at 60 FPS.

While this sounds very promising, Sega has yet to officially announce this collection. With that said, you should always take these leaks from retail sites and insiders with a grain of salt. None of this can be confirmed yet until Sega officially announces it.