Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice Mod Brings Easy Mode To The Game

 Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice Mod Brings Easy Mode To The Game

At the launch of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there was a high degree of conversation about the game’s difficulty. As a game, Sekiro went in a different direction to Dark Souls, focusing less on RPG mechanics and more on exceptionally fiendish combat. You had one weapon and some tricks that you could master, and you were expected to get better as you play.

Some people were unhappy with this and wondered why the game could not have a more accessible mode, or difficulty slider to determine the challenge. For the record, I have no issue with the idea of From Software games having an easy mode. Although it is not an option, I would use myself. I am not necessarily great at the games; I like getting my face kicked in by videogame monsters.

A new mod, called Sekiro The Easy by Tender Box, brings an accurate, accessible mode to the game. The mods NexusMods page lists the below features, which should appeal to people who struggled with the game.

  • Terror no longer kills you.
  • Strong attack power, high defense strength, and stamina.
  • High drop item rate.
  • Weapon buff time increase.
  • Infinite spirit emblem.
  • Prevents damage from falling.
  • Infinite time of puppeteer ninjutsu.

Some of these changes seem a little overkill, even for an easy mode — fall damage ties in too much with the game’s exploration and movement system to remove it. I’m also not entirely sold on the Infinite spirit emblem choice, as this allows players to endless spam prosthetic tools instead of learning their value and how to use them correctly.

There is a fine line between making an easy mode, and removing reasons to invest some thinking time into a game. Still, for now, it is an Easy Mode for those who wanted one. If you have friends who were turned away from the game due to difficulty, it might be a good time for them to give it one more shot.