Sekiro Runs At 1800p On Xbox One X/PS4 Pro, Frame Pacing Issues: Tech Analysis

With Sekiro‘s day one celebrating today, we finally have some details about how it works on all the different consoles.

Digital Foundry has just provided an interesting tech analysis about all the platforms, with PS4/PS4 Pro an Xbox One/Xbox One X frame rates and resolutions.

First of all, Xbox One goes for a 900p resolution with a 30fps cap. This version has frame pacing issues, bringing stutter and judder. The 120hz mode improves things, same as the Xbox One X release.

PS4 has a native resolution of 1080p and cleaner shadows compared to base Xbox One, but the same frame rate and bad frame pacing with stutter and judder issues.

PS4 Pro goes for 1800p using a reconstruction technique but has an uncapped frame rate which works between 38 and 48 frames per second.

Xbox One X has native 1800p resolution and looks a bit cleaner, but has a frame rate variable between 38 and 42fps. With the 120Hz mode enabled, this is said to be the best version in terms of stability.

You can learn more by watching the video below. If you want to learn how to play instead, read our beginner’s guide.

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