Self-claimed former Bethesda developer calls Starfield engine ‘a piece of crap’

The legitimacy behind this rumor seems shaky at best.

Image via Bethesda

Starfield is Xbox’s biggest release confirmed for 2022 with most notably a new engine being used by developer Bethesda Softworks, but according to a supposed former employee at the studio, the engine isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. A ResetEra user by the name Hevy008 responded to someone who asked what it was like working at the studio. Hevy said, “It was cool [sic] solid place to work, very secure. The engine is a piece of crap tho.”

Hevy additionally mentioned that Starfield is generally shaping up well with weekly playtests since the beginning of the year, but is still struggling in some departments including space flight and “probably too much” content. The supposed former Bethesda employee shared that there is a beta planned for the summer which will help determine whether or not Starfield will hit its November 11 release date. Since then Hevy’s ResetEra account has been deleted.

Industry insider and journalist Jason Schreier looked into the news shared by Hevy confirming through his own sources that they were indeed a Bethesda employee. Schreier also spoke with Skullzi who is known for reporting Bethesda leaks and rumors regarding the leaked information with Skullzi believing it to be false.

Following Schreier’s confirmation of Hevy being a former Bethesda employee, people on the internet found to disbelieve Hevy’s credibility after finding previous ResetEra posts where they were sharing indie development videos as well as a link to a studio called CodeBlueGames. After looking at the CodeBlueGames website it does mention that Bethesda is a studio that the team has experience working with in the past. It seems the truth behind Hevy and whether or not they have a connection to Bethesda is fuzzy, but Schreier has yet to correct himself on the topic.

According to Skullzi, Schreier has since spoken to him saying that most of what Hevy shared is not true. Schreier, who writes for Bloomberg, has yet to report anything regarding the rumors or say anything on his Twitter account on the matter.