Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II Already “On Ninja Theory’s Roadmap” When Microsoft Acquired The Studio


Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II was already “on Ninja Theory’s roadmap” when Microsoft acquired the studio, GameSpot Xbox Series X’s exclusive coverage reveals.

According to this coverage, the game has yet to be attached with a release date, but development looks way more advanced than you would expect from a just-announced title, and for one that is releasing on a next-gen platform.

“The game was on Ninja Theory’s roadmap by the time Microsoft approached the studio regarding partnership opportunities,” GameSpot was told when asked about the current state of the development process.

Microsoft acquired Ninja Theory in 2018, and the studio is now part of the Xbox Game Studios, the first-party organization at Microsoft, which is currently made of 15 teams working on Xbox and Windows 10 titles. The studio is also working on Bleeding Edge, launching next year for Xbox One and PC.

The additional details about the state of the work on Hellblade II include the trailer showcased at The Game Awards 2019, representing “the full power of Series X.”

The game is not showing “average gameplay moments,” but the “new levels of details, lighting, and rendering techniques” that have not been possible thus far on current-gen hardware, “at least running in real-time.” It seems a hint at Xbox Series X’s ability to handle ray tracing.

We don’t have story details about the game, but the title “Senua’s Saga” might be a hint at a possible anthological nature. The state of Senua throughout the clip hints that it might be a prequel to 2017’s game unless we’re being displayed with an advanced portion of the story where the protagonist has much more power and confidence (or loss of sanity, if you please) compared to the beginning of the series.