September 27 Release Date Announced for Code Vein | E3 2019


After a long delay, the release date for Code Vein was finally announced during today’s Inside Xbox event at E3. Initially planned for release in September of 2018, the game was delayed for an indefinite amount of time, but today it got a final release date of September 27, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The news came with a short new trailer that showed off some of the foes you’ll face off against in Code Vein.

While there were no new details revealed about the game’s story, the trailer did show some very imposing enemies, including a massive monster with the head of a wolf firing a giant laser cannon and a sword-wielding foe covered in a heavy suit of armor.

Code Vein is a Souls-like action game being published by Bandai Namco, the publisher of Dark Souls in the United States. While it follows a lot of the genre’s established conventions, such as regenerating enemies, deliberate, stamina-based combat, and limited healing items, it also follows a much more explicit storyline than Dark Souls and many of its many offshoots.

You play as a Revenant, a soldier brought back from the dead an imbued with a variety of mystical abilities that allow them to stand against the undead hordes threatening humanity. Your ultimate goal is to bring down a mysterious entity referred to as the Queen, who commands the legions. You can play through the entire game with an AI companion or join your friends for online co-op as you play through the story.

Players got their first chance to try Code Vein hands on for themselves recently, when Bandai Namco hosted a closed network test in May. Impressions from the test were largely positive, with testers generally sold on the combat, but a little more ambivalent about the story. The network test also showed of Code Vein’s extremely in-depth character creator.

The game lets you develop your own playstyle by choosing whether to prioritize quick attacks, heavy slams with two-handed weapons, or various types of magic. You can also swap out your abilities at any time throughout the game. The centerpiece of the game looks like it will be its huge boss battles, some of which we saw in today’s trailer.