Check out the first 15 dazzling minutes of the Shadow of the Colossus remake


It’s been over ten years since Shadow of the Colossus first debuted on PlayStation 2, and it’s only gotten more popular. That’s why there’s a brand new PlayStation 4 version coming next month, completely remade from the ground up by Bluepoint Games. The same folks that brought us Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Gravity Rush: Remastered took on this “colossal” challenge (sorry) to bring the game to a new audience with great-looking visuals and much more. It looks like they succeeded.

Now you can check out the first 15 minutes of gameplay via YouTuber Arekkz to see the game in action, and it’s certainly impressive. There are some particularly awesome lighting effects and massive improvements to both Wander and Agro that bring The Last Guardian to mind. When you get to see a Colossus in the video, you’ll be wowed by the attention to detail on the enormous creature. Even if you played the original game on PS2 and grabbed the PS3 version too, there’s so much more to see with this remake that you’ll probably want to go ahead and get it as well. It’s seriously petty amazing. 

Bluepoint previously stated that the company’s goal was not only to modernize the game, but to “add on top” of the original, using the old game as a template. If you’re interested in seeing if they accomplished this or not, you can get your hands on the remake when it’s out in the wild as of Feb. 6 on PlayStation 4.