Shenmue III E3 2019 Demo Looks Like “A Student Project,” “Still A Prototype”


Shenmue III has been recently delayed to November to allow the developers at to further polish it, and it looks like the game is indeed in need of some serious improvements. At least, this is the impression coming from one of the first previews based on the E3 2019 build, playable for press members in Los Angeles.

Impressions provided by French outlet Jeuxvideo are somewhat disappointed and disappointing, as the title doesn’t feel like much more than a “student project” built thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 and put together for a worldwide release.

“As it stands, Shenmue III is more like a student project put together with Unreal Engine 4 than a real video game expected to be released at this end of the year. There’s still so much to do technically that we doubt Shenmue III can save the day by the time it gets released in November 2019,” says the preview.

“And we’re necessarily very worried for the game: at this stage of the development, we didn’t expect Shenmue III to still look like a prototype,” you can also read throughout the article, which points at a bad shape for the project despite being launched in a few months.

We guess this is the main reason behind the delay, although we don’t really know if five months of additional work on it will be enough to make Shenmue III have a better look and feel when playing it. Of course, bear in mind this is just a preview from one specific outlet, and other press members might disagree.