Shin Megami Tensei V: Yatagarasu and Mada revealed

Two new demons revealed for SMTV.

Some new strong demons were revealed for Shin Megami Tensei V: the Vile demon Mada and the Avian demon Yatagarasu. The pair of demons make up the 160th and 161st demons respectively.

Mada is a God of Indian mythology, with a mechanical body surrounded by flames. Like usual in the SMT games, Mada is a highly leveled and powerful demon, Level 83 in the trailer. He uses debuffing and support skills such as Debilitate or Mediarahan in the trailer, and strong Agi spells as well. A translation of Mada’s lore was made available by u/AUselessMage and Youtuber BuffMaister:

“A giant Asura of Indian mythology. Its name means the “Intoxicated One.” Formed from fire, it has the power to swallow its adversaries in a single gulp. Even the god Indra is said to have succumbed to its terrifying power.

Yatagarasu meanwhile, is another strong demon, usable in the midgame. The Yatagarasu has a relatively simple design, with lore that isn’t too complicated. A translation of Yatagarasu’s lore was made available by u/AUselessMage and Youtuber BuffMaister:

“A holy bird of Japanese mythology. It is a scared 3-legged crow that was allegedly sent to humans by Amaterasu. Due to its high divinity, those who are not worthy are said to be driven mad by the very sight of it.”

Next week’s reveal will start with the demon Quetzalcoatl.