Director for Resident Evil and Evil Within Hints at E3 2019 Game Announcement


Shinji Mikami, the director behind Resident Evil and Evil Within, has come out on his personal Twitter account to give a small hint that he may have some details about an upcoming project to show off at E3 2019.

Mikami sent out the tweet in Japanese, which translates to, “First rehearsal day, finished.” Here’s the original tweet.

There’s little to no details given the vagueness of this tweet. However, we do know that Mikami’s company, Tango Gameworks, is under the ownership of Bethesda. The rehearsal Mikami is referring to could mean he has something set to present during Bethesda’s live stream conference, which takes place this Sunday, June 9.

Many are hoping this is going to be the announcement of a third installment to the Evil Within franchise. Tango Gameworks has only worked on two games so far, Evil Within and Evil Within 2. If an Evil Within 3 gets announced, we could see it show up as early as October of this year, or the next. So far, we’re in the dark about the announcement is going to be, and if it’s a brand new intellectual property, we’re going to hear about it during one of these conferences. While Tango Gameworks is underneath Bethesda’s corporate umbrella, some of Bethesda’s games have made appearances on other conferences during E3, so we could see it show up any of the other significant conferences happening over the weekend.

Although, it’s a safe bet we’re going to see Mikami at Bethesda’s conference.

Make sure you join Bethesda this Sunday, June 9, and 5:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM EST, and 1:30 AM BST. You can catch the live stream on their Twitch or Youtube channel.