Side quests and horde battles return in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet previews, along with other fan-favorite mechanics

Scarlet and Violet is shaping up to be a grand adventure through the Paldea region.

Image via Nintendo

The latest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet previews have come out from various outlets that have had the chance to check out an early demo for the upcoming open-world adventure game. One thing many have highlighted is how not only does this build on previous Pokémon games, but there are several returning gameplay mechanics coming over from Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

A notable return featured in Scarlet and Violet is side quests, pointed out by Eurogamer. Although the primary focus for players throughout the game will be to complete one of the three primary stories, side content will be awaiting them, yielding unique rewards should players reach the end.

On top of side quests, there will also be the sneak attack feature from Arceus. Like Scarlet and Violet, Arceus was an open-world game where Pokémon were viewable from the overworld, rather than requiring players to walk through the grass for a wild Pokémon encounter. Now, if a player throws their main Pokémon at a wild Pokémon they find in the wild, they will land a back strike against them, causing the wild Pokémon to flinch on the first turn. In Arceus, you had the option to do this with your lead Pokémon or attempt to catch a Pokémon using this same strategy.

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Horde Pokémon will also make an appearance, which features multiple Pokémon players who you need defeat in a battle. Although they’re weaker, the sheer numbers could prove problematic for players attempting to advance through their adventure.

During Serebii’s demo, they had the rare chance to capture a full-odds shiny Pokémon. There, they were able to confirm that not only were shiny Pokémon returning with Scarlet and Violet, but players will be able to see them in the overworld. They do not, unfortunately, confirm if the distinct sound effect accompanies the appearance of a shiny Pokémon. Nonetheless, it should make it easier for shiny hunters to track them down while exploring the Paldea region.

Many outlets who had the chance to go through this preview are hopeful for the full product of Scarlet and Violet. They’re keen to check out the rest of the mechanics and how massive the Paldea region is, along with any hidden mechanics that have yet to be revealed. We’ll be able to check it out for ourselves when the game arrives on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.