Madden 20 will include signature animations and X-Factor abilities | E3 2019


The full blow-out for Madden NFL 20 at EA Play revealed a lot of gameplay enhancements and new features.

Face of the Franchise will let players create a franchise quarterback and compete in the College Football playoffs with one of 10 universities including the University of Texas and Miami.

A more in-depth draft experience is being added once the college playoffs are finished, the Pro Bowl is making a comeback, and players will be able to complete dynamic quests with the added scenario engine. With added options for increasing your player rating,

X-Factor abilities will let superstar players have an extra edge over other players. Giving star running backs extra routes out of the backfield and will give them a raised percentage for gaining a few extra yards or catching the ball in heavy coverage.

There will also be Zone abilities, which will be challenge based objectives to unlock a boosted ability. NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes can unlock the Bazooka ability, by completing four passes of 30-yards or more, players will unlock the ability by entering the Zone.

That ability will increase his passing ability, enabling him to throw up to 80-yards with increased accuracy. Mahomes also has unique animations and the highest passer rating for cross-body passes.

They also showed off JuJu Smith-Schuster using an ability called Double Me. This gives him a huge advantage when being guarded by a lower rated defender in single coverage, increasing his chance of pulling down deep throws.

This year’s game promises a host of improvements from last years version, including further graphically improvement, better AI players to further improve authenticity, as well as better control indecisive movements, and generally enhanced physics.

Superstars will have signature animations, starting with a limited pool of players, but the Madden team will be adding more later.

A new scramble mechanic will let players pull down the passing options and instantly change their quarterback into a runner without needing to have forward momentum like in past games. This can also be reversed so the passing options pop back up, which can be combined with the improved pump fake pass options.

Madden 20 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Aug. 2, 2019.