Silent Hope Cinematic Trailer Mixes Gaming & Anime in Stunning Montage

The full cinematic trailer for Silent Hope has arrived, drumming up hype for fans as the seven heroes prepare to adventure into the Abyss.

Image via Marvelous Inc.

Silent Hope is the upcoming isometric dungeon-crawling adventure starring seven heroes who will cascade through these dangerous perils in search of a wide variety of resources to bring back to their base. In the lead-up to Silent Hope’s October 3, 2023 release, developer Marvelous released the first cinematic trailer.

The animated trailer shows the flashy combat and devastating powers of these seven heroes, with everything looking like it was straight out of the intro cinematic for an anime. Needless to say, fans are hyped at the sight of it, and it’s only going to take longer for Silent Hope to come out as we wait in anticipation.

Silent Hope Cinematic Trailer Drums up Incredible Hype for Fans Ahead of Release

The trailer was released today and is available for everyone to watch on YouTube. Because it is a cinematic trailer for Silent Hope, we don’t see any in-game gameplay or art. For those who have yet to see anything about this game, it was officially announced during the Nintendo Direct on June 21, 2023.

We don’t know too much about the world of Silent Hope. What has been shared is that a kingdom has been completely silenced, with the King throwing himself into an underworld-like area called the Abyss, causing silence to reign across the entire land, leaving our heroes wordless. They are tasked by the Princess to make their way to the Abyss. While there, they will need to defeat any monsters and creatures they cross their path and then return to their world with the supplies they acquired, rebuilding their main camp to turn it into a prosperous location, while slowly pushing their way closer to the King.

Each of the seven heroes featured in Silent Hope comes with a unique power that makes them stand out from the others, capable of using a variety of weapons and powers while exploring the Abyss. Although we don’t know too much about the, or the story of Silent Hope, we’ll be learning more about them as get closer to the game’s official release on October 3, 2023.

Silent Hope will arrive on the Nintendo Switch and be available on PC through Steam. We’re looking forward to learning more from the team at Marvelous and how Silent Hope stands apart from their previous games, such as the Story of Seasons series, Rune Factory, and Potionomics, to name a few.