Sims 4 Fans Celebrate Cute Meme with Fiery Kitchen Destruction

Sims 4 fans try to get into the fall spirit with pumpkin spice waffles, leading to unintended fiery consequences

Kitchen on Fire Sims 4

Image via EA

If there’s anything unattended Sims are good at, it’s catching things on fire. This is especially true when you let your Sims with low cooking skills anywhere near the kitchen, where they’ve been known to turn even the simplest of recipes into a full-blown emergency situation.

Since the addition of the new countertop appliances in The Sims 4, fan chatter around the game has been all about the different kinds of waffles and pizza you can now create in the game. However, with new appliances comes great flammability, as gamers are quickly discovering.

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TheSims4 took to Twitter to share a cute Sims spin on the popular “Hey, babe, are you okay?” meme.

The image shares a closeup of the seasonally appropriate pumpkin spice waffles, one of many new recipes added to The Sims 4 via the Home Chef Hustle stuff pack. And the only thing Sims 4 fans love more than these cute heart-shaped waffles? Sharing the kitchen fires their shiny new appliances have caused.

Leah_Simmer responded to the Tweet, sharing a flaming waffle iron while her Sim stands by, surprisingly unconcerned about the outdoor inferno she’s about to cause. “Can we talk about what a fire hazard the waffle irons are?” asks one Sims fan. And yes, yes we can. Other Tweets regale us with stories of the kitchen fires their would-be chef characters caused with their waffle makers, even with cooking skills as high as level 8. Pumpkin spice waffles are not for the faint of heart, it seems.

Not to be outdone, pizza oven fans also entered the chat, sharing that their Sims are too busy making pizza to have time for waffles, fall-themed or otherwise. Others have been quick to point out that their pizza ovens also set the kitchen on fire, including a gif of an entire family of Sims panicking in the general direction of a blazing, fiery chasm where a countertop once stood.

Playing the Sims is a neverending exploration of chaos and random happenstance, particularly if you let your characters have an ounce of free will. The penchant for spontaneous combustion is one of the many things we love about The Sims 4, and we’re here for all the ways our unwitting Sims can set themselves and their homes ablaze.