Skull and Bones Closed Beta Announced During Ubisoft Forward 2023

Get ready to set sail in Skull and Bones, finally, as Ubisoft just announced the closed beta coming later this year.

Image via Ubisoft YouTube

Skull and Bones has been in development hell for years, jumping between development teams, changing or removing dates, and even updating “&” to “and” in its title. The reason for that last one is anyone’s guess, but expectant fans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to set sail in Ubisoft’s new pirate fantasy finally. We learned some enticing new tidbits during the recent Ubisoft Forward 2023 event, the most important being an upcoming beta for the game.

A closed beta is coming in August, though details on how much or how little of the game will be in it are scarce. As Skull and Bones takes place almost entirely on a ship, with occasional forays into social spaces for meeting vendors and other players, even the limited play area is likely to be massive. Ubisoft is known for its sprawling maps, and this title looks to continue that trend.

The Skull and Bones Beta Begins on August 25

The Skull and Bones beta begins in earnest on Friday, August 25, and runs until Monday, August 28. It’s closed, meaning you can’t just download the game and play. Instead, you’ll need to register on the official site for a chance to get in. You’ll be notified by email if you make the cut. You can choose between playing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, or on PC via the Ubisoft Connect app.

Provided you do get in, expect crowded waters as players everywhere try to get their hands on as much loot as their vessels can carry. Skull and Bones offers full cross-platform play, so every player currently online will share the same waters (within their server cluster, at least).

If you’re daring enough, you can even engage in PvP, challenging other player crews for their loot as the PvE also seeks to take back what was taken. For those who want a more casual experience, there is a pure PvE mode, but both offer plenty of rewards to satisfy your craving for gold.

Skull and Bones offers many different ships and ship customization options that let you make yours your own, and no matter how you choose to play, activities like Bounties, Treasure Hunts, and other, more challenging activities let you gain more Infamy. The higher your Infamy, the faster your reputation will spread, and the more vendors and mercurial kingpins will offer you — should you have the courage to accept them.