Sky Noon Enters Early Access in the Wild West

Cowboys and grappling guns. Do I need to say any more about Sky Noon? I do because this game looks like it’s a lot of fun.

Lunar Rooster and Reverb Triple XP are putting the “Wild” in the Wild West with its brand new game Sky Noon. Grab your cowboy hat, lasso, and grappling gun as you try to knock your opponents away. After joining the Minutemen or the Cartel, you are tasked with knocking your opponents off the map with air powered weapons while using grappling hooks and lassos to pull yourself onto the level. This results in an exciting and hilarious game of tug of war combat.

Taking place in a reinvented Wild West universe, powerful factions crave control of the most precious resource, water. One thing that sets Sky Noon apart from other games is that there is no health meter and the only way to win is to use your super-powered compressed air weapons to send your enemies flying.

Even though Sky Noon is in early access, it contains a whole lot of features.

  • Weapons With a Big Blast: Make use of devices powered by super-compressed air to fling opponents off levels – knock them varmints straight to the moon!
  • Lassos, Grappling Hooks, and Jump Pads: Freely move throughout the floating levels by using quick-firing grappling hooks. Take advantage of jump pads for quick long leaps and lasso cowboys back to levels. Additional items like teleporters and air-powered jet boots can give a tactical advantage or help escape a close brush with death.
  • Online Multiplayer: Two to six players can jump into modes like Free For All, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Cart, with more game modes coming in the near future.
  • Customizable Online Games: Personalize Sky Noon gunfights with over 50 different game server options – pack more punch to melee attacks, remove random crates, turn on infinite ammo, increase spawn rates on all items, and much more.
  • Re-imagined Wild West: With the land dried up and cracked, the denizens of the West look to the clouds for the last vestiges of water. Crafting technology to raise their lands into the sky, opposing factions now battle for control over the Floating Frontier.
  • The Floating Frontier: Choose seven distinct levels; from the cozy Saloon town, the tall towers and hovering blimps of Hightown, or the tornado dangers of Whirlwind, gamers will discover that unique level mechanics can be used to their advantage.
  • Single Player Time Trials: Jump and swing through checkpoints in these time trials levels and compete for the top trial times.
  • Character Customization: Are you the good sheriff in the ten-gallon hat or the man wanted in every county? Customize your look and show ‘em who is Best in the West.
Sky Noon Enters Early Access in the Wild West
Sky Noon IslandLunar Rooster • Fair Use

Sky Noon has something for everyone and should be enjoyable for hours. You can pick up Sky Noon on Steam for $14.99.