Smaller 2D Zelda Game Rumored To Be Releasing This Year On Switch

Nintendo has just revealed the existence of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening‘s remake for Nintendo Switch.

But, based on intel gathered by insider Vergeben, it looks like it’s not the only The Legend of Zelda game in the making at Nintendo.

Vergeben has accurately leaked Ridley, Simon Belmont, Ice Climbers, Incineroar and Ken for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The platform owner is indeed reported to be working on a “smaller” 2D Zelda game, which is rumored to be ready to be announced in the coming months.

As for the release, since it’s a smaller title in comparison with Link’s Awakening (thought to be a “full project”, instead), it should be coming even earlier than the remake.

Considering Nintendo’s modus operandi, there’s a chance that the title could be revealed in a Direct broadcast or even at E3 2019 with an instant or close launch.

It’s worth noting that rumors claimed a while ago that a re-release of Nintendo 3DS’ A Link Between Worlds was in the cards for the Switch.

So, perhaps, the game in question could really be it, and that would be something the person who’s writing this to you would appreciate a lot.

Via Nintendo-Insider