Smite Reveals Olorun Ruler of the Heavens as Next God to Enter Battleground


The latest God to join the ranks in Smite is the ranged mage, Olorun. He’s the Ruler of the Heavens and is a part of the Yoruba pantheon.

As a ranged mage, Olorun relies mostly on his abilities to dish out enemies against his opponents. However, because of his unique passive ability, players are going to find using regularly using his basic attacks are going to build up his standard abilities. His passive is called a touch of fate. It activates when Olorun hits 150 magical power, and he gains 15 percent critical hit chance, and a further one percent for every ten magical power he receives from his items. This ability stacks at 70 percent, with his basic attacks receiving a five percent scaling.

His first ability is called focused light. Upon hitting the ability, Olorun charges the attack, and he can hold it up to 25 before firing it. The longer he holds the charge, the further out the offense goes. The beam of light passes through minions, but stops when it hits an enemy God. This attack can land a critical hit.

Olorun’s second ability, Overflowing Divinity, provides him with an increase in his attack speed. When he activates it, his attack speed increases by 40 percent, and he’s going to gain stacks of Inner Sun. When refiring the ability with Inner Sun stacks, Olorun releases an area of effect attack that unleashes these Sun attacks. These attacks deal a 10 percent reduced damage, and continual go down by 10 for every hit, down to 80 percent damage reduction.

The Ruler of the Heaven’s third ability is called Consecration. This attack is another area of effect where Olorun releases a wave of energy, sending nearby enemies back, and slowing them down for two seconds. Nearby allies who are in the light are going to receive a small amount of healing, for the next five seconds, and every ally Olorun heals he receives increased physical and magical protections.

Olorun’s ultimate ability is called Sanctified Field. He unleashes this massive ray of light in a single area that looks like a small, rectangular arena. Enemies caught in effect are going to have move exceptionally slowly, their casting and animation speed significantly reduced. While Olorun is standing in it, he’s going to move quickly and received additional benefits to his various stats.

Olorun releases in Smite’s next update called Ruler of the Heavens update, which releases on June 25 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the PC.