Smite’s latest cinematic trailer teases new character Atlas

More details about his abilities will be unveiled Wednesday.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Developer Hi-Rez Studios has released a new cinematic trailer for Smite that reveals the MOBA’s next champion, Atlas. He is set to arrive in the game sometime in December. Additional information about the character will be revealed during an update show on the Smite Twitch channel that’s taking place on November 24 at 2 PM CT.

As with all Smite characters, Atlas is based on a mythological figure. He was a Greek Titan who was punished by Zeus and forced to carry the entire universe on his back. All of which is contained within a contraption called the Astrolabe.

In the game, Atlas will wield this mythical device as a weapon. The Astrolabe is capable of unleashing cosmic shockwaves at enemies as well as being able to stun and trap them within its confines. After that, they will be transported somewhere else. He also possesses the ability to remove any debuffs from his allies and inflict them on his enemies instead.

Of course, since the reveal trailer is cinematic, it doesn’t give us a glimpse of Atlas in action within the game itself. We’ll likely have to wait until Wednesday for that. However, it does provide a look at his serious personality and immense size. Though that’s not surprising, he does have to carry the entire universe, after all.