Mario Odyssey adds a competitive mode

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A new free Super Mario Odyssey competitive mode set to launch sometime in February was announced earlier today in a surprise Nintendo Direct .

After downloading the update and completing the main story, a new online activity called Luigi’s Balloon World will become available. The aim of the game is simple. Players need to find a bunch of opposing balloons in order to climb up the online rankings. If players are unable to find your balloon in a set period of time, that also increases your ranking over time.

Luigi will spawn in set locations in every Kingdom and will offer the player one of two options: Hide a Balloon or Find a Balloon. Players need to hide a balloon in the many kingdoms and then save its location. Players can then upload that location online.

When a player chooses Find a Balloon, they will need to try and find a friend’s balloon in a set period of time.

The free update will be released in February alongside a bunch of new Snapshot Mode filters and some cool new outfits.