Nintendo Patents SNES Controller for Nintendo Switch, Potential For More Classic Games To Release in the Future

Are you excited to see more classic games on the Nintendo Switch? Prepare for a future where more are getting released to the console, as Nintendo has filed a patent to the FCC for a SNES-controller to work on a Nintendo Switch.

While there are no direct statements or notices regarding the future of SNES coming to the portable console, the FCC filing is a massive hint to making it a reality. The filing gives a decent image of the back of the controller. The reason many are believing the controller meant for the Nintendo Switch is the “HAC” model number underneath the Nintendo symbol. The “HAC” model number is commonly used to refer to any hardware associated with the Nintendo Switch.

While Nintendo has already released Joy-Con controller of a similar variety, the authenticity for a classic controller could appeal to many audience members. Additionally, it would make sense for Nintendo to make another hard push for the NES games, as the subscription for the monthly game service is about hit its first anniversary on Sept. 18. When it does, the announcement of a new, upcoming controller may appeal to more players interested in jumping into the classic game line-up for the first time.

Plus, Nintendo could share what new games are coming to the service. There’s a perfect opportunity for the game company to hit the nostalgia feeling by releasing a more extensive library than they already have available.

As of this time, we only have the FCC filing to go on-off, and we’ll have to learn more when Nintendo wishes to detail it.