The SNES Classic has sold 5.28 million units since launch


The SNES Classic Edition has sold over five million units worldwide, blowing past the sales figures for the NES Mini.

The sales figure was confirmed during Nintendo’s latest financial report. That number includes the sales of all three versions—the North American, European, and Japanese shaped systems.

Each different version came with its own unique bundle of 21 preloaded classic SNES games. That included Star Fox 2, a game that was cancelled in 1995 for the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System before finally coming out two decades later.

The SNES Classic Edition had sold over four million units globally by Feb. 1, meaning that the console has sold an extra 1.28 million over the past few months.

When preorders went up at Gamestop, the console sold out nationwide within minutes as demand for the console soared. The console wasn’t available anywhere over the 2017 holiday season, forcing Nintendo to announce that it was releasing more systems over the first few months of 2018 to meet demand for the product.

Since its initial hype, the console has become more readily available with systems still available on Amazon, albeit with a slight price increase. The NES Mini, however, is still sold out everywhere and is mostly being sold for far higher prices than the RRP on websites like eBay.

The NES Mini has sold 2.3 million units since its launch in Nov. 2017 until April 2017. Nintendo has not released an updated figure since last year’s sales report.