It’s “So Much Fun at Work”: Here’s When and Where Project xCloud Gets Played the Most


Project xCloud General Manager Catherine Gluckstein has shared Microsoft’s data about when and where the streaming platform is being used the most. Among other things, it was revealed that the service has been strongly welcomed in the United Kingdom.

In an interview with Stevivor, Gluckstein reckoned that the tests now undergoing are aiming for engagement, as “we want to see [for] how long and how different[ly] the different types of customers are engaging [with xCloud].”

It was a surprise even for the company to learn that the UK is the territory where Project xCloud is being used the most. The public preview of the cloud gaming program is available in the United States and Korea where Internet speeds are traditionally higher.

“The UK South is our busiest data center in the first month of the preview. Interestingly, [between] eight and 10 o’clock at night,” the General Manager noted. “Although we do have notes from people saying, ‘Never have I had so much fun at work,'” Gluckstein added with a laugh.

Project xCloud is going to be extended to more regions in 2020, including Western Europe and Canada, and has already received 50 games as announced at X019. That’s already more than its most active competitor on the market, Google Stadia, which is currently limited to 22.

To further push the service, Microsoft is also considering the opportunity to release Project xCloud exclusive games, even though it’s not clear whether those titles are going to be exclusive to the cloud gaming segment or full exclusive. In that case, even Xbox One, Windows 10, and Project Scarlett might not get them, at least not at launch.