A new Sonic Racing game was just teased at SXSW


During the Sonic the Hedgehog panel at SXSW, an annual film and interactive media festival, Sega dropped a surprise teaser for a new Sonic Racing title.

The teaser doesn’t show off much about the potential title, only a car that looks like Sonic’s car from the game as well as a grey scale title. It is also unknown if the title will be part of the Sonic Racing franchise, a sequel to the popular Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing series, or its own thing.

This wasn’t the only Sonic-themed announcement at the show, however. Sega also revealed that Sonic and PUMA will be teaming up to release a special pair of Sonic-themed shoes this June.

Sonic Mania, the hit 2D-inspired Sonic game that was released early last year, will also be getting a physical release sometime this year with two additional characters, an all-new Encore Mode, and a bunch of other features. The game will be called Sonic Mania Plus.

If this additional content will be offered to current owners of Sonic Mania as DLC or a free update in the future is unknown.

A new Sonic Mania-themed animation series will also release at the same time. Sonic Mania Adventures will bring fans five short episodes throughout the year that will be free to view.