Director Of The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Seemingly Claims They Will Redesign Sonic

The Director of the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie has responded to the criticisms towards the movie, making a bold claim.

A trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog film was released on April 30 and received mostly negative responses. Currently, the trailer on YouTube has over 450,000 downvotes, which almost doubles the number of upvotes the trailer has. The trailer only has 270,000 upvotes.

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The film has been controversial since it was first announced. While there is always trepidation towards any video game based movie, since most are notoriously bad, the resentment towards the Sonic the Hedgehog is more palpable. Ever since promotional images for the film began circulating, fans have been very vocal over their disdain towards Sonic’s design.

In the now infamous legs promotional image, fans cried out that his legs were too muscular. When the teaser poster was first released, fans thought Sonic look too disproportionate. When an image of Sonic was leaked, people across the internet have expressed how bad it looks.

Now with the trailer finally released, fans have a better look at Sonic, and they are still not pleased. Though Sonic is not as muscular as the very early promotional images, seem to suggest, his slender body and weirdly animated fur makes it look like he is wearing a fluffy pajama.

And then there are of course the teeth. Sonic is essentially a cartoon character, and he is rarely shown having teeth (unless he’s a werehog). In one of the first scenes with Sonic is shown in the live action trailer, he is shown with teeth, and the teeth look weird.

Live action Sonic with teeth quickly became a meme on the internet, being the primary source to support people’s criticism towards the movie.

Well, apparently people’s very vocal criticism’s has reached the director of the movie. Though the Twitter account of Jeff Fowler isn’t certified and doesn’t have the all-important blue checkmark, his past tweets support he is the same Fowler who is directing the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. On Twitter, the Jeff Fowler account tweeted out this.

If this is the real Jeff Fowler account, which it probably is, then it seems as if they plan to make big changes to the film before the release date. If they plan to change Sonic’s look, then this is a very bold move. Though the release date for the movie is still several months away, it still feels like it wouldn’t be enough time to fix Sonic in time for the release.

CGI characters take a lot of work, so for the director to claim that they plan to fix Sonic this close to release date seems to be impossible. It’s unknown if the movie will get postponed at this moment.

The live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie is currently slated to release on November 8. Check our other coverage on the film, including this piece where we compare the marketing of the Sonic film with that of Detective Pikachu.