More Leaks Suggest That New Sonic The Hedgehog Redesign For The Movie May Be Legit


A new potential leak for Sonic’s new design in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has started appearing online.

The live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie has had a troubled public reception. Ever since images of Sonic’s original design got leaked online, fans of the character were highly critical. When the first official trailer was received so poorly, the movie got postponed from its Nov. 8 release date to February of next year. The main reason for the delay is to redesign Sonic’s look since that was the main focal point of the criticism.

Sonic’s original design got heavily criticized for a variety of reasons. The face of the character looked odd, especially since the original character comes with disturbingly real-looking teeth. The fact that the character’s gloves were in place with white fur was also heavily disliked by the fan base, as it just looked strange aesthetically. His body was also too thin when compared to his more rounded appearance in the games

When the delay for the movie got announced, fans hoped that the filmmakers would give Sonic a more video game final design. Fans may be getting their wish.

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Earlier in the month, a new leak was hitting the internet that showed off Sonic’s upgraded design for the movie. The leak originated from a Twitter user, and the fan community very popularly received this new design. This unique design was more accurate to the video games, including the additions of gloves. His head in the new design is more significant, looking more closely at his face in the games.

Despite how well received the design was, the community was also rightly skeptical of the authenticity of the leak. The Twitter user isn’t a known leaker, and there was something off in the images they leaked. Many people believe the leaks could have changed, and the leak could be excellent Photoshop.

With that said, a new leak surfaced online that seems to validate the earlier Sonic leak. The latest leak is a photo of a Sonic the Hedgehog standee in an unknown location, presumably a theater. The standee uses the same redesign from the earlier leaks. Tails’ Channel, which is a YouTube channel that centers on Sonic news, was one of the first to break the news. They first shared the story on their Twitter account, before releasing a video on the breaking news.

However, even though the leak looks more and more legit, it should be noted that nothing has officially come out. Until Paramount Pictures make an official announcement, these leaks should get taken with a grain of salt.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is slated to release on Feb. 14, 2020.

Image Header Source: Tails’ Channel Twitter Account