Sony Might Acquire Asian Studios


Sony has just revealed to have acquired Insomniac Games during the latest Gamescom, after a relatively long period where we were almost flooded with news about it possibly purchasing more developers from around the world.

While we don’t have any signals about the possibility that the acquisition flow has already stopped, we do have now some clues about what the platform owner might be looking into for what’s next.

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, has indeed discussed the matter during the Tokyo Game Show 2019 and shared that he might be interested in acquiring Asian studios outside of Japan, which is already ‘covered’ with Europe and US in the WWS organization.

“SIE Worldwide Studios is also a studio that plays a role in creating and deploying games in earnest as a publisher, and I think it’s rare in the world for developers from Japan, the US, and Europe to participate,” Yoshida said, as shared on ResetEra.

“There is a possibility that Asian developers may join us in the future, and when that happens, we are starting to think that it would be interesting to think about creating games for the Asian market as well.”

So, such acquisition would be tailored in investing in an area which hasn’t been explored yet by big publishers and platform owners, despite being one of the most remunerative for the games industry as of today.

Of course, there would also be an intent of making games specifically built for the tastes of players in that region, which could ultimately turn more remunerative than those sold in the Western territories as people over there seems overall more keen to spend on microtransactions and stay engaged in titles for a more extended period.