Sony and Konami may be reviving Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills game “P.T.”

P.T. and Kojima may make a return as a full Silent Hill game

Sony and Konami are rumored to be reviving Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills game. The game originally teased in 2014 then later canceled may be rebooted as part of an olive branch to mend the relationship between Konami and Kojima.

Playable Teaser or P.T. was first released as a free download from the PlayStation store in 2014 as a teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill installment being developed by Kojima’s 7780s Studio in collaboration with award-winning director Guillermo del Toro.

P.T. became wildly popular among horror game fans and received critical acclaim for complexity, visuals, and direction. The teaser was later removed from the store in May of 2015 with no way to re-install it after the game was canceled by its publisher Konami. There are several fan-made recreations of P.T. floating around on the internet, but none of them have quite matched up to the original.

The cancellation sparked a frenzy among the game’s fans, but until now, it has remained a piece of controversial video game history. A few months after the game was removed from the PlayStation Store. Kojima bitterly left Konami after 30 years of employment due in no small part to a major corporate restructuring, poor treatment of employees, and attempts to suppress the appearance of Kojima’s logo and name in games he had worked on.

Now according to a new rumor, Sony may be trying to mend the relationship between Kojima and Konami to reboot the Silent Hill franchise, including the game teased with the Playable Teaser. The new game will supposedly be a narrative-driven title for the upcoming PS5 console, and may also support VR gameplay. 

Sony has allegedly pitched the game to Kojima offering full creative freedom over its development.

The gaming industry is full of rumors, and P.T. has had a lot of them. Whether or not the Silent Hill reboot will come to fruition is still a matter of speculation, but fans should stay hopeful. With the rumors of the new game spreading, Konami representatives have stated that the company is “listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title.” While the statement doesn’t confirm anything, it doesn’t deny it either.