Sony Blocks User’s Digital Games Because of Hate Speech PSN Policy


Sony has reportedly blocked the entire library of digital games of a PlayStation Network user because he has breached the PSN policy about hate speech.

The gamer has issued an email to One Angry Gamer explaining the case, not withdrawing or denying what he had done but explaining that he was having some fun insulting people.

The case is a particularly delicate one since the user has purchased that content and we’re not talking about a simple ban on the PSN preventing him from accessing the servers for multiplayer gaming.

“My account was temporarily banned for one week for calling people f—–s and n—–s,” he told One Angry Gamer.

“This includes the temporary revoking of the licenses for all digital downloads in my library, however a game on a disc still works just fine. You might not agree with my actions since I know you’re not a racist, but I am and I don’t care. [It’s] fun to talk s–t online and most people are racist anyway, plus those terms are thrown around like hotcakes, so who gives a s–t. As I know you know, speech restrictions are a slippery slope and tend to go beyond the initial reasons for their installment.”

Sure enough, this is a strong signal from Sony that certain things will not be tolerated anymore, even though PSN is a virtual place and not a real one, as toxicity in gaming has become a growing issue over the last few years.

It also raises concern anyway, since the platform owner can decide based on its policy to take your digital games back without any possibility of refund or returning to them at any time.