Sony Brings Gaming To Everyone With New Accessibility Controller in December

The Access controller has been designed alongside multiple accessibility organizations and experts.


Image via PlayStation

Accessibility is an ongoing discussion in the games industry, and excitingly, we are seeing developers, publishers, and console makers taking steps to create an open and accessible environment for players. To add to the growing list of options for players, PlayStation has given an update on one of its newest efforts to bring gaming to everyone.

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Playstation Access Controller Will Open Preorders on July 21

Image via PlayStation

PlayStation has announced that preorders for its newest accessibility controller, the “Access Controller”, will be available on December 6, 2023, with preorders beginning next week. The new Access Controller has been designed alongside multiple accessibility organizations and experts, in the hope of creating a controller that is versatile and able to be used by as many players as possible.

The controller has many features that can be configured or changed depending on the player’s wants and needs. For starters, you can map buttons and create up to 30 control profiles, each with different settings you can change and select depending on your game. This includes stick settings like the arm’s length, toggle commands, disabling buttons, and several other options. Additionally, the controller will come with 19 button caps of varied sizes and shapes they can attach however they choose to, alongside three stick caps and 23 button caps to label your inputs.

The Access Controller will also include the ability to expand and include additional accessories, including third-party options, with four expansion slots. On top of that, it can also be paired with another Access Controller or DualSense Controller to further change and tweak your setup and can be used collaboratively. It can also be used in full 360 orientation, on wheelchair trays, and can attach to AMPS pattern mounts.

How Much Will the Access Controller from PlayStation Cost?

The Access Controller will cost $89.99 USD/$119.99 CAD/¥12,980 JPY/€89.99/£79.99. Preorders for the Access Controller begin on July 21, 10 AM local time, and players in U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Portugal can order the controller directly from PlayStation, as well as select retailers, other global markets can find preorders at select retailers on the same day.

While there are still plenty of steps needed to ensure that every gamer can have an inclusive experience while playing, this new controller from PlayStation is a huge step in the right direction. With more options like these, accessibility will hopefully continue to grow and become a normal and affordable option for anyone who needs it.