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Xbox Announce New Voice Reporting Feature To Tackle Toxicity

The reactive voice reporting feature will give players more control over reporting toxic players and behaviors.

At some point, every gamer has experienced toxic behaviors from other players, harassing or otherwise ruining their gaming experience. In its increasing effort to tackle this issue, Xbox has a new feature that will soon be available for testing to help combat these kinds of players.

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Xbox had announced the reactive voice reporting feature. This new tool will soon be available for testing and will allow players to capture and report toxic players with more ease and make a more inclusive and safe environment for players.

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Players Will Be Able to Capture and Report Toxic Behaviors With Ease

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As announced by Xbox in a new blog post, the new reactive voice reporting feature aims to provide more tools for players to report inappropriate behaviors or interactions with unsavory players. It gives players an easy and effective way to do it. It will first be available to Alpha and Alpha-skip Xbox Insiders to gather feedback and will begin rolling out this week for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. It has also been designed to be quick and have minimal impact on your gaming experience.

As for how the feature work, players will have full control over when and if they choose to use it. Players will be able to capture a 60-second video clip along with voice chat if they experience any negative behavior while playing their games. Unlike normal gameplay clips, these will not appear in your recent captures and will be in a separate location, and cannot be downloaded, modified, or shared, and only you can access them. These clips will then live on your console for the next 24 online hours, giving you control over if and when you decide to submit your clip, with a reminder sent to you in case you have forgotten. Once this is done, the clip and report are sent to the Xbox Safety Team for review.

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The feature is also being developed to support as many games as possible, including backward-compatible Xbox 360 titles, so no matter what game you are playing, you can rest assured you will have this feature if you need it. To start, it will be available to select English-speaking markets, including the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Xbox encourages players to provide feedback to improve the feature and plans to expand into additional languages in the future.

Any efforts to make players feel safer in their community should be praised, and this newest feature gives players who experience or witness toxicity the ability to act on it and make gaming more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

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