Sony CFO confident in PS5, says to wait for sales figures before judgment

This comes as Sony’s profits projected to fall.


With the next generation consoles on the horizon, the coverage over Microsoft and Sony’s new systems has been somewhat mixed, with Microsoft being far more forthcoming with details about what consumers can expect. However, that has not stopped Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki from showing confidence that the PlayStation 5 will still come out on top.

The comments come from a report by Bloomberg on the recent financial performance of the Japanese technology giant, which show a sharp decline in the sales for the PlayStation 4. However, the comments that were most intriguing were highlighted by the report’s author on Twitter, where the question about whether the coverage of the PS5 had been sufficient, suggesting that the console had fallen behind Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

Hiroki Totoki’s response was to suggest that they have a strategy for the release, and that judgment on its performance should be held until after the sales figures start to show. “We consider things strategically but doing our best,” Totoki said. “As for pass or fail, I would wait for PS5 sales to make that judgment.”

While this does show that Sony’s upper management has supreme confidence in the PS5, this level of confidence was also pushed at the PlayStation 3 after the PlayStation 2 was a resounding success compared to the original Xbox and Nintendo’s Gamecube. The PS3 is easily considered the worst performing of Sony’s console line-up, losing a lot of ground to the Xbox 360 in all regions outside of Japan.

So far, besides the reveal of the DualSense controller, the only details that have been confirmed about Sony’s next-generation system were those revealed by Mark Cerny in his technical showcase in March, with no other signs of more details to come outside of rumors of a presentation next month.