Sony “Considers Various Options Around The PS Vita,” PlayStation Boss Says


PlayStation boss John Kodera has recently talked, in an interview with Bloomberg Japan, about the future developments of PS Vita and all that matters the portable gaming, which was apparently an end chapter for Sony.

Last fall, former SIE CEO Andrew House claimed that the company wouldn’t be involved in the portable business anymore, as it wasn’t so big to justify the investment required. This new statement seems to be bringing new life to it, instead.

PlayStation Vita - Sony Considers Various Options Around It

The Japanese platform owner “considers various options around the PS Vita,” said Kodera, as reported by analyst Dr. Serkan Toto. Who added: “He says that while PS4 and Vita are separate machines (home vs portable), Sony is continuously looking for ways to offer unique game experiences.”

We’re not quite sure whether the newest SIE CEO is talking about a new portable console or bringing new life to the already existing platform, which is something we’d rule out at the moment considering it’s been out for around 6 years now.

The impression is that Kodera is well aware of Nintendo Switch’s success, as the platform is rapidly selling more than Xbox One overall, and might be thinking of looking at it as a form of inspiration.

“In the next three years” Sony will be working on the future of the system and we’ll see if this is leading to a similar hybrid console or something entirely different, split again across two different systems.