Sony Hosting Month-Long Experience PlayStation Event In New York

PlayStation Event New York

Although Sony isn’t attending E3 this year, it has its own events moving right along into 2020. And it begins with a month-long one kicking off this month in New York City.

“Experience PlayStation” is set to take place in the Sony Square space. During this time, attendees will be able to stop by between 12:00PM and 7:00PM EDT each day to experience events revolving around “25 Years of Play” for the PlayStation brand.

Though the company didn’t reveal any schedule with the event, seen below, it does include “a collection of titles on PS4 and PSVR.” More than likely, it’s an anniversary style event with games that are already out, as there’s no mention of new content from 2020 releases like The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima.

PlayStation Event

The details — and the image — come from Sony’s page, which notes that the event is, for the most part, a way to pay tribute to PlayStation’s legacy. But there’s one thing to take note of — when it ends.

Experience PlayStation (not to be confused with PlayStation Experience, by the way), is set to end around Feb. 14. And there have been rumors that Sony would host a presentation for the PlayStation 5 sometime in February. Nothing’s confirmed, but keep in mind that the company hosted an event for the PlayStation 4 back in February 2013 — in New York City. Check out the replay below if you’re feeling nostalgic.

For now, those interested in attending and seeing what Sony has to offer definitely make some time to stop by Sony Square. Check out this link for directions on how to stop by.