Sony Exec Reveals Why They Built PS4 Pro And Not PS5 Right Away


In an interview with Famitsu, SIE’s executive vice president Masayasu Ito has revealed why Sony decided to build PS4 Pro and not PS5 right away.

Back in the days, according to Masayasu, Sony looked into ways to craft something similar to incremental upgrades that release from time to time for smartphones.

“Can’t we do something similar to that, even if it isn’t every year?,” the Japanese platform owner asked itself.

Then, it was decided to improve graphics and make the system HDR-compatible while staying with the PS4 format, so they didn’t want to skip to another generation already.

On top of that, there was also a lot of trust in what the HDR could’ve achieved in terms of visuals upgrade.

So, Sony anticipated that the technology would’ve got a boom in a few years, and that’s why they implemented the support in the PS4 from the start.

They didn’t advertise the feature since TVs out there back in 2013 didn’t even have HDR, but they knew the right time would’ve come soon.

Of course, Ito added that PS4 and PS4 Pro are being sold in parallel since they serve very different users: one who wants the cheapest PlayStation possible, and the other who is rather picky for what matters graphics.

PlayStation 5 is rumored to be releasing late 2020, even though there’s someone who believes the next-gen isn’t kicking off until one year later.

You can read the full translated interview here.